I make things look good.

The Ultimate Pixel Pusher
My Philosophy

Never stop learning. Work hard and play harder. I’ve always loved Graphic design, and it’s my job to share my talents with the world, not only to keep pushing myself, but to help others achieve their vision. Enjoying life and experiencing art are also very important to keep up with trends, and getting inspired. Much like Jiro, I will never stop working and thinking how to improve myself.

My Process

Process is always very important. When time permits, I involve myself in heavy research, drawing, concepting, digitizing, refining, finding inspiration, refining again, and finalizing designs. I don’t necessarily follow a script, but I think research, concepting, and refinement are the key aspects to a successful design. Design is always on my mind, whether enjoying the credits of a movie or eating a beautiful plate of food, I think design and art should be inspired by everything.

Skills List
  •   Branding & Identity
  •   Graphic Design
  •   Web Design
  •   Print and Publishing
  •   Vector Illustrations